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About J.E.D. Total Erosion Control

Houston Erosion Control

Erosion can cause serious harm to farmland, as well as other agricultural areas. Controlling erosion is no simple task though. Water is a powerful force of nature, and soil and rock are easily eroded. At J.E.D. Total Erosion Control, we work with farms, agricultural areas, and parks to preserve and promote growth. For Houston properties that are prone to the hazards of erosion, J.E.D. Total Erosion Control has a team of erosion experts that can help.

Erosion Services

At J.E.D. Total Erosion Control, we offer a variety of erosion control methods. Beyond simple fencing options, we also offer methods such as:

  • Hydro Seeding; using a mixture of mulch, fertilizer, and groundcover seeds we prevent hillsides and slopes from further erosion.
  • Straw Blankets; these provide temporary ground cover for sloped areas that protect newly growing vegetation while it is germinating and maturing.
  • Sand Bags; these provide a cost effective method for debris redirection when placed properly.

Erosion Control Fencing

One of the primary ways of controlling erosion is by installing an erosion controlling fence. We offer various forms of erosion controlling fences, such as:

  • Silt Fence; for areas where runoff is a hazard, silt fences provide a temporary protection for nearby bodies of water. When installed properly, silt fences can prevent silt and sediment from draining into water sources by pooling them at the fence.
  • Safety Fence; cliff sides, gullies, and other potentially dangerous erosion sites need to be properly marked in order to prevent injury. J.E.D. has a variety of safety fences available to clearly mark any site as potentially hazardous.

Houston’s Defence against the Elements

Erosion does not have to be the end of your land. Proper care and attention can save the majority of eroding areas, or at least buy some time. At J.E.D. Total Erosion Control, we have the team, experience, and equipment to provide each of our customers with the best service possible.

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